The Donald Trump cookbook that’s making America laugh again.

With Trump at the Table, healthy food has never been so rude. This yuge-ly entertaining eCookbook includes 16 vegan, gluten-free recipes based on Donald Trump’s most carnivorous quotes. With devilishly delicious dishes like Black Bean Collard-People Tacos, Fat Pigs in a Blanket, Bloody Megyn Gazpacho and Crookneck Hillary Squash, author Adair Seldon has thrown political correctness out the kitchen window. Whether it’s Muslims, Mexicans or veterans, everyone’s fair game as red-meat rhetoric and plant-based recipes team up for a match made in culinary comedy heaven. From Donald Trump’s mouth to your plate, get ready for the new firearm-to-table cuisine.

16 recipes with photos / 36 pages / PDF format

16 tasteless remarks, 16 tasty recipes.

Put a little hate on your plate


African Americans



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Adair Seldon is an award-winning writer and advertising creative who has worked with major brands from the fields of entertainment, travel, food and wine, health and wellness, luxury automobiles, and more. In 2009, she started the wry food blog Lentil Breakdown which lead to clean-food advocacy work and the creation of her company Copy Farm. When she’s not in the trenches plucking letters from the alphabet, you can find her at a farmers’ market fondling tomatoes and shooting the sh*t about fertilizer.