My journey from the firm to the farm.

“I’m on a mission

to help conscious

companies thrive.”

—Adair Seldon

Growing Pains. By day, I was head copywriter of the Acura digital account at a hot L.A. ad agency. While I was tending and feeding the prestigious auto brand’s online presence with web copy, banner ads, e-mails, newsletters, videos and social media, I was dreaming about aromatic curried lentils and delicate mushroom risottos. So by night, I planted seeds in food territory and started the wry blog Lentil Breakdown. Soon my curiosity about recipes and the culinary world expanded to our entire food system, as I learned more about health, agriculture and sustainability. This lead to volunteer work and speaking engagements for the Prop 37 GMO labeling campaign in California, as well as investigative work on other critical issues.
New Growth. When the firm needed my help on some processed food accounts that were full of unhealthful ingredients, I started thinking about my own sustainability. How long could I be complicit in the system? So I left the firm and planted the seeds for Copy Farm. After years of working with major ad agencies and brands from the fields of entertainment, travel, food and wine to luxury automobiles, I’m ready to work toward a more just, sustainable future for all.